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We share the most useful resources to all our important therapists.

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We provide up to date EI policies and knowledge.

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EI Providers

If you’re interested in joining our agency to become an EI provider, please kindly click on the following NEW EI Provider. If you’re currently our EI provider, and in need of EI forms or samples, please kindly click on the following CURRENT EI Provider.

*W4 2014.pdf         *SCR.pdf         *Medical Form.pdf        *I-9.pdf

  • EI Regulations(print, read and keep a record)
  • Agency’s Policies(print, read and keep a record)
  • If you need instructions in applying for NPI Click here
  • Documents to bring for interview
    • Resume
    • SI teacher certificate (birth to grade 2 – initial, professional or permanent)
    • OR NYS professional license AND registration (only for OT, PT, SLP, SW, NUTRITIONIST, PSYCHOLOGIST)
    • Medical (including immunization and PPD)
    • Liability insurance (independent contractor only!)
    • 2 letter of references
    • 2 copy of training certificates
    • copy of driver license and social security card
    • $25 money order for background check (made payable to New York State Office of Children and Family Services) -Only if you do not have DOH.